enhancing efficiency with



• Higher Efficacy Lighting Products

• Efficient Lighting Techniques

• Lighting Automation & Controls

• Daylight Harvesting


• Improved Ventilation

• Efficient Cooling

• Effective Circulation

• Optimum Insulation


• Solar Energy Generation

• Solar Integration

• Energy Saving Device


Our mission is to empower businesses to enhance operational & energy efficiency by managing three resources – LIGHT, AIR, and ENERGY.

By expertly managing light, air, and energy, we strive to create sustainable, high-performance environments that optimize operations, reduce environmental impact, and drive long-term success for our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.


FIVE STAR is dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency , sustainability and innovation , while forging lasting partnerships with our clients

Energy Efficiency

• Energy Efficiency

• Energy Independence

• Long-term Savings

Operational Efficiency

• Maintenance & downtime reduction

• Reliability / Durability

• Resilience to power outages

• Adaptability / Scalability / Control

• Peak demand management

Environmental Efficiency

• Sustainability & Green Initiatives

• Health & Safety


Managing The Three Resources​ - LIGHT I AIR I ENERGY

Light Management

Lighting automation

(with sensors & controls for energy savings)

Lighting Supply

(LED lighting products for all applications )

Lighting Designs

(to get the optimum lighting)

Re – Layouting

(for light level improvements)

Lighting Audits

(to access the current status & recommend improvements for achieving efficiency)

Air Management

Cool Air Injection

(with industrial coolers & air washers )

Hot Air Ejection

( with industrial exhaust systems & gravity vents )

Air Circulation

(with HVLS fans, air circulators, mobile fans & hanging fans)

Shed Insulation

(with glass wool)

Air Disinfection

( with UV-C germicidal disinfection.)

Energy Management

Energy Generation

(by Rooftop solar power plants on idle rooftops & other areas like car ports)

Energy Saving

(by industrial energy savers like harmonic filters , static voltage stablizers.)

Energy Efficiency

(We attempt to supply all products to be energy efficient with quick return on investments while maintaining utmost quality.)


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Success Stories

Industry leaders we have served
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Products at a Glance

Lighting automation can schedule the lights to provide the required brightness as per the requirement without any manual intervention.In short, a selection of efficient light coupled with lighting automation can provide : RIGHT light in the RIGHT amount at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time

Best in class industrial LED lighting from leading brands of the country . We prefer going with lighting designs to access right light in the right amount at the right place . Range includes Highbays / Floodlights / Well Glass / Flame proof / Cleanroom / Corrosion proof / Industrial Battens / Solar Outdoor  

Best in class LED lighting from leading brands of the country . We prefer going with lighting designs to optimize the requirement and deploy the most efficienct luminaires . Range includes Flicker Free Panels & Downlights / Linear / Spots / Suspended / Tracks / Tube fittings and much more 

Best in class LED lighting from leading brands of the country . We prefer going with automated outdoor lighting designs for energy saving . Range includes Sensor based Outdoor lighting / Flood Lights / Facade / Landscape / Architectural / Solar – fully & semi integrated 

High Volume Low Speed Fans are best suited for improving air circulation over large areas. HVLS fans are energy efficient , help in de stratification and reduction of moisture levels They are available in sizes ranging from 8ft to 24ft.

Industrial Cooler improves working environment by increasing cool and fresh air intake . It is the most effective solution for medium to big industrial sheds to boost productivity of the employees. Specifically where air conditioning is not viable.

Exhaust Fan draws out polluted air from premises and replaces it with fresh air.Air exhaust fan combat indoor air pollution by ejecting the hot unclean indoor air into the outside environment and letting in fresh clean air from the outside.

Complete range of industrial , domestic , power savers , air circulators and life style fans for you to choose with max. energy saving potential for all environments. Range includes Ceiling / Pedestal / Wall / Stand / Exhaust / Air circulators / Industrial Coolers / Industrial Exhausts /HVLS Fans / BLDC Fans and much more

Complete solar solutions ranging from Outdoor lighting to Car ports to Grid Tied Power plants with EPC and finance facilities support , right from designing to implementation . We offer both models – CAPEX & OPEX .

Range includes Lighting energy savers , Static Voltage Stablizers , Active Harmonic Filters , IOT based energy management systems . Almost all our product offerings are selected based on their energy efficiency index.

Available range includes UV-C Air Disinfection Units / UV-C Battens / UV- chambers ( for houses & Industries ) / UV-C Trolleys / UV-C for HVAC systems / UV-C Lamps & systems disinfection

For turnkey project and bulk institutional  requirements , we also supply siwtchgear , wire & cables , meters and safety equipment and related electrical items.




We have values that we cherish and strive to enter into long term relationships with our customers

Responsible Partnerships

Innovative Solutions 


We have values that we cherish and strive to enter into long term relationships with our customers. We offer a holistic approach to achieve the efficiency objectives for our customers.  

We have well researched products that will help you in achieving energy efficiency in your organisation.

We have first stage supply agreements with leading brands of the country to ensure that you get best in class products. 

We plan & schedule deliveries based on your requirements. Our dedicated relationship team ensures that your work never suffers due to supply delays.

We lend support in terms of credits and equipment financing to ensure that your goals are not compromised for lack of funds . 

Elevating Efficiency

Lasting Relations

Our dedicated service team ensures that your complaints are resolved quickly. 

We believe that for a long term relationship, we should offer best in class products at most competitive prices. We strive to lower our costs and ensure that you procure your products at the lowest possible prices.  

We continuously research for products across the industry segments and offer options that are most suited to your requirement. 


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