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Industrial Exhaust fans

Exhaust Fan draws out polluted air from premises and replaces it with fresh air. Air is considered polluted when it contains high amounts of Hot air, moisture, carbon dioxide, vaporized chemicals, dust, fungal spores and unpleasant odors. Air exhaust fan combat indoor air pollution by ejecting the unclean indoor air into the outside environment and letting in clean air from the outside.

Belt Driven Industrial Exhaust Fans
Industrial Exhaust Fans
Industrial Exhaust Fans

HVLS Fans - High Volume Low Speed / BIG Fans

HVLS fans move large volume of air at low speeds over a large area . HVLS fan has combined the physics of slow moving air with complex principles of aerodynamics to create an efficient , economical and environment friendly solution for large spaces. The result is consistant air temperature , improved air circulation and energy efficiency.

Stage - 1

HVLS working principle

A column of air moves down

Stage - 2

HVLS working principle

Air moves out from the center along the floor creating a draft

Stage - 3

HVLS working principle

Column rises up along the side walls or air draft from another HVLS fan

Stage - 4

HVLS working principle

Air is redirected towards the HVLS fan

Industrial Coolers

Industrial Cooler improves working environment by increasing cool and fresh air intake . It is the most effective solution for medium to big industrial sheds to boost productivity of the employees.
air cooler
Industrial Coolers

Installation types of industrial coolers

Industrial Coolers
Industrial Coolers
Industrial Coolers

Air Outlet Options of industrial coolers

Industrial Coolers

Mobile fans

Mobile fans are portable and can be moved to different areas within the industrial space. They can be strategically placed near work areas, reducing the need to cool the workspace. They help to improve ventilation by circulating air, reducing hot spots and creating a more comfortable working environment.

mobile fans

Industrial Louvers for fresh air injection

Fresh Air Injection Louvers allow for the introduction of clean, fresh outdoor air into industrial spaces. Louvers can be strategically positioned to optimize airflow and assist in temperature & humidity control on the shop floor. By utilizing natural ventilation , industries can minimize the need for mechanical air injection thereby reducing energy expenditure. When coupled with forced or gravity exhaust ventilation , these louvers can effectively remove hot / stale / contaminated air thereby creating a more pleasant working environment.


Hanging Fans

Hanging fans are suspended which means they don’t take up valuable floor space. By using hanging fans , specific areas can be targeted rather than cooling the entire shop floor. Hanging fans promote evaporative cooling on the skin by increasing large amounts of air movement.

hanging fans

Thermal Insulation of sheds

What is Glasswool insulation?

Glasswool is the most accepted form of insulation material used globally because of its phenomenal thermal and acoustic properties. It is predominantly used in applications with service temperatures up to 250 degree celsius (in some cases up to 400 degree celsius). Glasswool insulation products are made of very fine and long inorganic fibers (fiberglass). The production process involves melting, fiberizing and bonding of glass fibers using high temperature binder. These fibers are spread across uniformly to trap millions of air pockets generating a wool like laminar structure.

cross section of glass wool

Application Segments

  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings – factory, warehouse, supermarket, showrooms, aircraft hangar etc.
  • Public and Residential buildings – wall and roof insulation, facade, drywall and acoustic panels.
  • Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning- duct-thermal, acoustic and mechanical rooms.
  • Textile Mills- roofing and humidification duct.
  • Transport- trains, metro coaches, railway coaches, AC buses.
  • Automotive insulation (moulded) parts.
  • Marine- naval shipbuilding.
  • Cold storage
  • Solar- water heater and tank insulation.
  • Power plants- chimney, ESP, water pipes and vessels.
  • Cryogenic application – LNG tanks.
  • Other various appliances and laboratory equipment.

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