Metering Solutions

Prepaid Metering Solutions​

Metering Solution
  • Available in single phase – S(30)A & 10(60)A, Three phase 10(60)A
  • Confirming as per IS 1S884: 2010with Class 0accuracy
  • Suitable for dual source application
  • Transparent system for utility and end consumer
  • Noworry of meter reading
  • Automatic Supply disconnection for zero or negative meter balance
  • Optional mobile billing software for bill generation

LPR Zigbee Metering Solutions​

metering solutions
  • Available in Single Phase S-30A & 10-40A
  • Energy Meter Based on IEEE 1 S.4
  • Centerlised data collection system
  • Automated device address management
  • Each meter aids transfer of data for self as well as neighboring meter
  • Wire less commissioning, network scalabilityfeatures

Automatic Metering Solutions​​

metering solutions
  • High speed GSM/GPRS communication 9600 bps
  • Suitable for remote reading application
  • On demand data transfer
  • Optional SMS facility for configured events
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