What is Lighting Automation ?

Lighting in industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities and factories can be expensive to run, difficult to maintain  and inefficient.

Lighting automation can schedule the lights to provide the required brightness as per the requirement without any manual intervention.

In short, a selection of efficient light coupled with lighting automation can provide : RIGHT light in the RIGHT amount at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time   

Lighting automation system is used to Switch ON/ OFF lights with the help of Lighting Control techniques .

Common types of lighting controls include:
  • Dimmers.
  • Motion sensors, occupancy sensors 
  • Photosensors & Twilight Switches.
  • Timers.
Common methods of lighting controls include:
  • Analog .
  • Digital 

A Lighting Control System can help to reduce energy waste by balancing the ambient light and the light needed by occupants.


Industrial highbay Lights
  • Highbay lights in warehouses are required for less than 40-50% of the time.
  • When there are no sensors, these lights & fans are running continuously with no one using them.
  • The lights can be either dimmed or switched OFF depending on the day time LUX available
Ware house lighting automation


  • Lights , Fans & Air Circulator are continuously ON even when the workers keep moving to & from their location.
  • With sensors, they can switched OFF immediately many times during the day depending on the occupancy.
  • This saves huge energy and increases their serviceable life.


  • The lights are ON continuously even during the shift changes and lunch breaks.
  • They can be scheduled and dimmed to save energy
  • Dimmers reduce power to the lighting source, so they save energy and can extend life.


Office Lighting
  • The lights can be dimmed or controlled and set into zones.  
  • Even for ACs, they can be made to switch OFF automatically by installing 2 /3 Channel sensors


  • Lights are normally ON all the time even when there is no movement.
  • With sensors, they can be controlled easily.  


  • In parking lots, outside of the peak periods of morning and evening typically there is a very little movement.
  • The lights can be set to a very low standby, that consumes very low power, significantly reducing electrical consumption charges.


  • Street Lights can be automated to switch ON in the evening and switch OFF automatically in the morning
  • This is called Dust to Dawn operation. It saves energy and increases the life of the lamps.
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