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Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)​

  • Range : 630A-6300A
  • Operational voltage upto 690V & even above – on request
  • lcu 50kA to 120kA at 500Vac
  • lcs = 100% lcu throughout the range
  • lcw : 50kA to 1OOkA (for sec)
  • Customer  oriented   Trip   Relay   –   with   advanced measurement functions & communication functions
  • Tested &certified as per IS/IEC 60947-2

MCCB-Thermal Adjustable Breaker​

  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60947-2.
  • Available in 1P, 2P, 3P & 4P Versions rated current from 1OA- 800A & breaking capacity (from 1OkA to 65kA).
  • 4P version available with neutral fully
  • Adjustability-offers close protection  to  different  load
  • Line load reversibility,Low let through
  • Wide range of internal and external
  • ROHS Compliant, also available for DC
  • Single Pole MCCBs are available from 1OA-250A with breaking capacity from 1OkA-50kA, SP MCCBs from 63A- 250A are available with thermal adjustable feature

MCCB-Motor Duty

  • Available upto 22 kW/30 HP intwo
  • Breaking capacity – 25kA/36kA.
  • Clear indication of ON, OFF & Trip
  • Low let through
  • For Special motor starting condition (Starting time beyond 10 Sec & other specific condition)- please contact us

Microprocessor MCCB

  • Rated 25A-800A Breaking capacity 25kA/36kA/50kA/65kA.
  • Noof Poles 3/4.
  • Overload protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 30% to 100% of Inwith variable time
  • Short circuit Protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 400% to 1000% of Irwith variable time
  • Ground Fault Protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 10% to 40% of Inwith variable time
  • Communication Feature
  • Suitable for
  • NO EXTERNAL Power required for the electronic
  • True RMS sensing for precise and RELIABLE

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker​

  • Wide range of MPCB from 1 to 80A
  • 22 Ratings injust 2 frames
  • Rotary Type Operation (Direct& Extended Handle)
  • Protection against O/L, SIC & Single Phasing
  • Higher Breaking capacity upto 50kA, 480 VAC
  • Electrical/ Mechanical Life – 1 Million Operations
  • Suitable for Isolation & Type IICo-ordination
  • Ambient Temperature Compensated
  • Site Mounted add on accessories

MCCB Enclosure​​

  • MCCB conform to IS/IEC 60947-2
  • Current ratings from 16A- 3P &4P version
  • Low let through energy
  • Breaking Capacity (kA) : 1OkA – 65kA(with MCCB)
  • Line Load Reversibility
  • Minimum maintenance, User friendly,robust & compact
  • Highly reliable tested solution
Overload relay

Overload Relay Thermal​

  • Differential Bimetallic overload relays from 1 to 800A
  • Built in 1NO+1NC potential free contacts
  • Choice of Contactor or separate Mounting
  • Option of Manual IAuto or Remote Reset
  • Sealable cover to avoid tampering, Trip indicator
  • Class 10Aor Class 20
  • Site Mounted add on accessories


  • Widest Range of 3P &4P Contactors upto 800A
  • Control Contactor with option upto 12 contacts
  • Capacitor Duty Contactors upto 62 kvar
  • Highest Electrical Life upto 5 million operations
  • Site mounted add on accessories (Auxiliary Contacts, Mechanical Interlock, Surge Suppressor, Timer, Mechanical Latch Units)
  • Type IICo-ordination
  • CE marked & UL Certified

Submersible Pump Control Panel​

  • Range-1 HPto 40HP(DOL& Star Delta) in 2 Models
  • Heavy Duty Contactors for longer
  • Control Voltage- Phase (130 to 290V) or 3 Phase (280 to 440V).
  • Short Circuit Protection – MCB/MCCB (1OkA) in Deluxe
  • LED indications for R, Y,B Phases & Pump ON/OFF.
  • Ammeter & Voltmeter with Selector
  • Auto – Manual Bypass
  • Other Protections – Single Phasing Over Load Unbalance

    Voltages/ Reversal of Phases.


MCCB Distribution Panel​

  • Incoming -Upto Outgoing- Upto 250A
  • Range : 4, 6, 8, 1O & 12 ways
  • No. of poles of MCCB -3 / 4
  • Multifunction Digital Metering – Optional
  • Shrouded bus bar can withstand high fault currents
  • Provision for single Door Double Door

Change Over Switches


AV Onload Changeover Switch​

  • Range: 6 frame sizes, 63- 3150A, 3 Pole & 4 Pole, IS 13947 part3/93
  • Arc Chute plates to enhance contact 100% Neutral.
  • Compact body of fiber glass, reinforced polyester
  • High Mechanical & Electrical
  • Total safety with Terminal cover, Source Separator and Phase Barrier as standard
  • Mounting possible in both horizontal and vertical
  • Available in Open Execution and Sheet Steel
  • Prewired Auxiliary contacts upto 2 nos.

AV Switch Fuse Changeover​

  • Range : 125A-630A, 4 Pole, 415V AC as per IS 13947 Part 3/93.
  • Arc Chute plates to enhance contact 100% Neutral.
  • Body offiber glass reinforced polyester
  • Prewired Auxiliary contacts upto 2NO
  • Protection against over current and short circuit faults by fuses of high rupturing capacity of 80kA
  • Total safety with Terminal cover, Source Separator and Phase Barrier as standard
  • Available in Open Execution/Sheet Steel enclosure

AV Onload Bypass Switch​

  • Range: 125A – 1600A, 4 Pole, 415 V AC as per IS 13947 Part3/93.
  • Arc Chute plates to enhance contact 100% Neutral.
  • Switch is designed for specific need in IT industries where UPS and Servo stabilizer provides main source of
  • Prewired Auxiliary contacts upto 2nos.
  • Available in Open Execution /Sheet Steel enclosure
  • Total safety with Terminal cover, Source Separator and Phase Barrier as standard feature. 

AV Cubicle Load Break Switch​

  • Range : 63 – 3150A, 3 Pole & 4 Pole, 415 V AC as per IS 13947 Part 3/93.
  • Arc Chute plates to enhance contact 100% Neutral.
  • Prewired Auxiliary contacts upto 2NO
  • Suitable for DC-23A, 260V, application withoutany
  • Available in Open Execution/Sheet Steel
  • Total safety with Terminal Cover, and Phase Barrier as standard feature

Protection Devices



  • Range : 0.5 to 80 Amps 240/415\/, AC
  • Available in SPN, DP. TP. TPN & FP
  • Breaking capacity 1OkA
  • Insulation voltage : 660V,frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Finger Touch proof (lp20)
  • Midtrip facility
  • Protection against Short Circuit & Over Load
  • Low let through energy & lowwatt loss
  • Energy limiting class 3
  • Trip free mechanism
  • Available in B, C & D Curve
  • Accessories :UV,Shunt trip, Auxiliary contact
  • DC MCB available in SP & DP 
  • DC MCBvoltage : 12Vto 220V


  • Range :40, 63,100 & 125 Amps
  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60947-3
  • Available in 3P & 4P version
  • Finger touch proof (IP-20)


  • Range: 25-80Amp, 2 Pole &4 Pole Version
  • Sensitivity: 30mA, 1OOmA, 300mA
  • Conforms to IEC /EN: 61008& IS:12640
  • Dedicated earth leakage protection
  • Voltage Rating 240/415V (AC), 50Hz
  • Protection against Electrocution, Short Circuit & Electrical fire
  • Consistent performance, Compact & Space saving
  • Auxiliary Switch optional

Changeover Switch​

  • Range : 25A, 40A & 63A
  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60947-3
  • Choice of 2 Pole & 4 Pole versions
  • Voltage Rating 240 I415V (AC), 50Hz
  • Front Operation with three stable positions 1-0-11
  • Isolator at middle position
  • DIN Rail Mountain Facility

ACCL Single Phase

  • Range : 6Amp- 1OAmp in SPN.
  • Specification : IEC -60947-6-1.
  • Rated Voltage : 240/415V AC,
  • Microcontroller based  DIN  rail  mountable  with  neutral
  • Inbuilt SMPS for low power
  • Operational status indication through
  • Automatic generator on/off
  • Built-in time delay for fall safe changeover

ACCL Three Phase​

  • Range :25A,40A & 63A
  • Specification IEC 60947-6
  • Voltage 415V 230V
  • Electronic & Mechanical interlock for safe changeover
  • Built intime delay for fail safe changeover
  • Overload tripping in DG supply
  • Wide Voltage operation – (140 to 280) volts
  • Reliable micro controller based design for sensing & control

Distribution Systems

distribution box

Distribution System Single Door

  • User friendly, Aesthetically designed available in EX series Distribution Systems in 4ways to 16ways
  • SPN & TPN Versions
  • Fitted with DIN channel, Bus Bar, Neutral Link Bar, Earth Bar, Inter connecting cables with copper thimble
  • Can be mounted on surface/flush
distribution box

Distribution System Double Door

  • User friendly, Aesthetically designed available in DX series Distribution Systems in 4 ways to 16ways
  • SPN & TPN Versions
  • DB’s available with cement guard
  • Bus Bar rating up to 200Amp of tinned copper fully insulated
  • Fitted with DIN channel, Bus Bar, Neutral Link Bar, Earth Bar, Inter connecting cables with copper thimble
  • Complete range of Db’s with Double punched knockout to facilitate different size cable glands
  • TPN Db’s fitted with detachable gland plates at the Top & Bottom with double knock-out
  • Double Door Db’s inflush mounted design
  • Special DB’s for projects also

Distribution System Vertical

  • Aesthetically designed, good looking & superior DB’s with latest style
  • Fittedwith Bus Bar, Shorting Links, Neutral Bar & Earth Bar
  • Compact design having complete shrouding all over the inter connecting links
  • Provision of ELCB along with TPN/FP Isolator as incomer
  • Suitable to use as SP/DP/TP/TPN outgoing
  • Available with MCCB as incomer
  • Available in Single Door & Double Door
distribution box

Distribution System Phase Selector

  • Compact distribution system
  • Convenient mounting and operation
  • Flexibility to use MCB’s and ELCB /ELMCB
  • Fittedwith : DIN channel Bus Bar NL Bar 3
  • Phase changeover switches duly wired (except for MCB’s and ELCB’s)
distribution box

Pre-Wired Distribution Box

  • Aesthetically designed compact distribution
  • Duly pre-wired with FR/FRLS wire
  • Available SPN & TPN Versions
  • Fitted with bus bar terminal block for incoming/outgoing
  • Neutral & earthing duly pre-wired
  • Provision of MCB Isolator RCCB as incoming Single phase
  • Available in 1.6mm & 1.2mm sheet steel thickness.

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