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You must get our FREE  lighting design before you decide to buy new lights. This will enable your to choose the most suitable luminaire for your lighting needs. 


There are many ways to improve your existing lighting. But before that you must get a lighting audit done at your enterprise. This gives a roadmap to follow and upgrade the lighting at your workplace.


We provide exceptional quality lighting installation services to for business enterprises with skills, expertise, & materials to make it work.


We help you understand the feasibility of a solar implementation , help in the site evaluation and provide a reliable basis for final site selection.


We help you develop a solar implementation plan and provide a reliable document for taking decision for solar deployment .


We help you identify the heat issues at your

workplace and design a heat reduction

strategy to mitigate the same for improving 

the working conditions for your workforce   


Get Your Lighting Designs - Free

You must get a lighting design before you decide to buy new lights.

Before upgrading or deciding to buy new lights , it is always advisable to have a good lighting design . It ensures uniform lighting as per standards , energy saving and evaluation & comparison of various options available.

Relevant data like your area dimensions , type of work , mounting height , LUX level required , light points available , existing type of lighting etc is collected and processed to offer you with the most optimum lighting design .

Light Has a Great Effect on Us

Lighting can affect our productivity.

“Appropriate lighting is a workplace necessity. Poor lighting directly affects work performance as it puts strain in workers’ eyes. This can also lead to further problems like headaches and eye illnesses. Apart from the necessity factor , proper uniform lighting also brings aesthetic advantages to your workplace.”

Not only will you cut costs on electricity bills, but your workers will become more productive as well. Sometimes people don’t realize that such simple, practical steps can yield enormous financial benefits for their businesses.

To get your lighting design , you may email us with the following information

  • Dimension of the area in meters ( L X W )
  • Mounting height of the lights ( in meters)  
  • Type of the work you plan do in this area 
  • Work plane height from the ground (in Meters)
  • Number of light points / no. of tresses ( if not decided , we will recommend)
  • LUX level required . ( If do not know , we will recommend ) 


Get Your Lighting Audit

Studies show the quality of light affects people in many different ways. For example, office worker satisfaction and productivity can be positively affected by well-designed illumination.

The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is the lighting survey or audit. In this stage, which is essential to proper planning, the lighting manager gathers and organizes information about the existing lighting system and how it is used.

There are many ways to improve your existing lighting. But before that you must get a lighting audit done at your enterprise.

A lighting audit can help you to -​

  • Adopt the right kind of light for specific application / work
  • Choose the right Lighting color to help keep a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Incorporate available natural light while designing for overhead lighting and task lighting.
  • Reduce shadows by using multiple lights & specific overhead light fixtures.
  • Choose the right level of lighting according to the task involved since different levels of light is another important aspect to consider.
  • Warehouses / common areas etc may require minimal lighting while other tasks require more intense lighting.
  • Reduce costs and enhance performance through the application of good lighting. It’s no secret that people are attracted to well-lighted public facilities, commercial shopping districts and parks.

Lighting is Critical to wakefulness and productivity in your office or commercial building

It can even influence customer shopping habits. It’s also a health and safety issue though.

If you are ready to improve your lighting, talk to FIVE STAR .We can study your existing installation, and suggest ideas to improve the quality of lighting that you have, which may be more productive & budget friendly. Or we can completely redesign a new lighting design for your enterprise.

A lighting audit typically goes like this -

General Information

We collect floorplans or reflected ceiling plans for the facility that show fixture locations and room dimensions . We are sensitive to the fact that renovation work may have been performed over the years that has changed the original floorplans and/or reflected ceiling plans. If not available, we create using graph paper.

We label each area (rooms, hallways, etc.) for future identification with sets of data that will be collected. We also label each area with a generic description (private office #2, lavatory #1, etc.). It may be desirable to put a sticker on each door hinge during the room-by-room survey that bears its identity that corresponds with the floorplan.

We also gather as much information as possible about the building and its history; try to determine what future plans there are if any for the building.

Collect Occupant Information

A good way to learn about how occupants feel about their lighting system is with a survey, which can asks questions such as, “Do you have trouble with light reflecting off your computer screen?” 

Should this path be taken, however, we have caution in evaluating the answers; since the occupants know little about lighting – – in fact, they rarely notice it unless something goes wrong. For example, an occupant saying there is too much light in an area probably is saying that it is too bright, which is an issue of glare, not quantity of LUX .

Collect Lighting Information

For each area, we identify:

  • Hours of operation
  • Type and size of fixtures
  • Number of fixtures (hand-held mechanical counters can help)
  • Number of lamps per fixture
  • Type of lamps / ballasts
  • Specify reflectors if already installed
  • Fixture condition
  • Availability of daylight
  • Use of partitions
  • Unique fixture types or physical features
  • Area dimensions
  • Height of the tasks
  • Fixture mounting height
  • Room surface reflectances and colors of major objects and room surfaces

We then come up with a comprehensive report with recommendations to equip you to have the right information for going forward . 


Lighting Installation Services

Making Your Enterprise a Safer Place One Light at a Time.

We provide exceptional quality lighting installation services to for business enterprises . Regardless of the size or scope of your lighting installation project, we have the skills, expertise, and materials to make it work.

Let us enhance your security. Whether you need some work done on the inside or the outside, we can work with you to create a design that works best for your budget . We can help you to reduce your utility expenses by installing energy efficient lights . We also work hard to save you money with our quality installation and repair services. We only use quality materials to ensure that your lighting projects are completed to meet and exceed all expectations.


Our lighting contractors are bonded and extremely professional & are more than capable and qualified to handle your lighting needs.

Our technicians inspect the current lighting in your home or office and come up with an outline on what changes can be made to make it more efficient. We incorporate not only energy efficient lighting but also the amount of lighting an area needs to be well lit with the minimum amount of lights. We can perform rewiring, allowing you to article off your lighting so you only use it where you need it when you need it.
Feel free to contact us to discuss the possible options.

Our lighting installation services include :

  • Industrial Shed Lighting
  • General lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Office Lighting
  • Solar LED Lighting and more

Whether you are planning your next lighting project or in need of immediate light installation services, we can help. Call us today to know more about our budget friendly lighting installation services.


Get your Solar Site Assessment - Free

FIVE STAR helps you understand the site selection criteria for a solar power plant, and provides a reliable basis for final site selection and other decision-making. We analyze various site characteristics that impact the energy yield, project completion and lifetime of a solar power plant. We also review the geotechnical, environmental and climatic conditions in the area and evaluate terrain usability to determine accessibility for grid connection.

Our Solar Site Assessment Includes ( only an indicative list )

  • Type of Installation (Flat Rooftop, Pitched Rooftop, Ground Mounted, Both Roof and Ground)
  • Total square footage of the unobstructed/minimally obstructed surface area
  • The distance (in feet) from the proposed PV array location to the electrical access point where solar would interconnect (e.g. an electrical room or service meter).
  • The voltage of the incoming power supply and the number of phases
  • Are you interested in pairing solar PV with DG Power supply OR EV Charging ? If so, what kind of chargers would you need?
  • Ideally : Study your 12 continuous months of utility bills. & gather information about Peak Power Demand (kW), Demand Charge (Rs./kW), Energy (kWh), and Energy Retail Rate (Rs./kWh).
  • Roof Construction – What is the roof pitch? – What is the rooftop construction? – How many stories is the building? – What is the condition of the roof? Are there any leaks? – Are rooftop drawings available?
  • MEASUREMENT OF SOLAR ACCESS – Our measurements are based on highly reliable modelling techniques involving solar access and shadow analysis .


When you think of having a solar system at your site , you might have to engage a solar company to guide you through the process. The company will need to understand the specific site requirements and conditions that help to optimize a solar power plant’s output. A solar site analysis involves evaluation of site suitability, solar access, shadowing considerations and other variables.


Investments in solar plants require accurate estimation of the site’s suitability in order to evaluate the viability of the project. A site estimation protects your investment by assessing geological conditions as well as providing an estimation of yield derived . The solar radiation measurements performed at a site assessment also increase the accuracy of a yield study.


Get your Solar System DPR

Site Survey / Assessment

– As specified above

PV Array Layout

– Best orientation for modules
– Best angle of inclination
– Shadow analysis
– most suitable MMS for the given roof & site

System Sizing

– Locations of Inverter / ACDB and plan most optimized cable routing
– Space for Walkways & water pipeline for ease of maintenance
– Location & quantity of Lighting arrestors

Module Mounting Structure (MMS) Specifications

– Best MMS as per the type of the roof
– Specifications of MMS based on local conditions
– Civil/mechanical details of the installation
– Soil test report for ground mount MMS

Electrical system design / electrical interconnections / terminations

– Flow diagram
– PV string configuration
– Cable sizing & measurements
– SLD ( Single Line Diagrams)

Simulation & Energy Estimation

– 3-D modelling of the site layout
– Estimate of the expected generation

Bill Of materials with right component selection

– Standardization of material to ensure compliance to design specifications
– Helps in material planning and timely supplies
– Helps in correct cost estimation

Project quote

– Project Cost including I&C / O&M charges


Temperature Assessment of Industrial Sheds

In the realm of industrial operations, effective temperature management is paramount. Elevated temperatures within manufacturing facilities not only hinder productivity but can also pose risks to equipment and workforce well-being. Our specialized temperature assessment services are tailored to address these challenges, ensuring optimal conditions within industrial sheds.

Steps to Conduct the Assessment :

  • Site Evaluation : Our experts conduct on-site evaluations, analyze temperature differentials across the facility and the possible causes for the same .
  • Data Collection & Analysis : Comprehensive data collection allows us to gain insights into temperature variations, aiding in devising tailored strategies for effective heat reduction.
  • Recommendations & Solutions : Based on our findings, we provide detailed recommendations and solutions, encompassing HVAC upgrades, ventilation enhancements, and strategic cooling implementations.

Ready to optimize your industrial space for improved temperature control?

Begin by scheduling a comprehensive temperature survey today!


Understanding the nuances of heat distribution within industrial spaces is crucial. Our comprehensive temperature surveys pinpoint hotspots and areas of heat trapping, identifying potential ventilation and HVAC inefficiencies. By assessing these factors, we can strategize precise solutions to mitigate excessive heat, fostering a more conducive working environment while optimizing energy consumption.

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