Saving potential with BLDC Ceiling fans :

Let’s assume your operations as 12 hrs per day for 25 days per month . A conventional ceiling fan will consume approx.70W of power whereas a BLDC fan consumes approx . 32W of power .

By calculation , a conventional fan consumes = 70X12X25/1000 = 21 units / mth whereas a BLDC fan will consume = 32X12X25/1000=9.6 units /mth.

This means , a BLDC fan will save 11.4 units per month . Assuming energy unit cost @ Rs.8.00 per unit , one may get a saving of Rs.91.20 per month per fan

If you are buying a new fan @ Rs.1100.00 , you should consider buying a BLDC fan @ Rs.2200.00 ( approx. price , price may be less on qty ) 

The additional cost of Rs.1100.00 can be recovered in = 1100/91.20 = 12 months . (PAYBACK)

Electrical load also reduces by 55% . If the no. of fans in high let’s say 500+ then this saving is quite substantial. 

For other energy saving options in fans , please click

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